Call Tracking System
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Call Tracking System

EM Media Call Tracking System 

 EM Tracking Call System
 Is your advertising really working for you?

 A call tracking system is a suitable way to determine the amount of calls you get per dollars invested, or cost  per lead per Advertising medium. 

 The EM Call Tracking system Helps you increase your results.

 As you may know, 50% of your advertising dollars is wasted. With this Call Tracking system you will know  what mediums don't perform and will let you know where you are getting the most for your money, so you can  move the budgets into the ones that work and increase your results to 70%, 80%, & 90% having the  system pay for itself.

 This system will make you an expert on what works in the market saving money and will increase your results  to 70%, 80% up to 90%.

 All calls get recorded for quality control giving you your ability to monitor them. 

 Who answers your phones or receptionist is key to your business success and to be able to pre-determine  according to the callers needs what the receptionist will say, makes a world of difference in your business.

 You will never miss a phone call again! 

 The call tracking system gets data from the caller as soon as they dial your number even if they do not  connect. By just dialing your number and pressing the go or green bottom you get the callers # and data.

 This system guarantees an increase on your business traffic and Data base. 

 Your business no longer depends on just the walk-ins. Now you can call them back from your data base, they  will be impressed when you return their call. 

 Get unlimited amount of phone numbers any area code including toll free 888, 877 or 866 for:
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Internet
  • Facebook
  • Ticket outlets

 All calls go to the destination you desire, with a private user name and password to review results.

Most companies have not tried television advertising because of the production cost. EM Media will give you an opportunity to get free production of a 30 second commercial by just entering your information here below.

1 Drawing per month - Value of $399

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